Friday, April 23, 2010

Sophia had a oua on her lip and I have a oua on my chin

This was Anjali's proud claim after Sophia's great fall on Wednesday night (which, I am glad to report, is much better. There is no scar or bruise)

I seldom report Anjali's many bruises, or else there would be too many bruise related information on the blog. What was interesting though was what happened after the chin bruise.

Anjali went as usual to school, albeit a bit teary eyed.

Ten minutes after I had left home, and was on the bike, I got a call from Mrs Gan. Did I know Anjali had a cut on her chin? Yes. She is tearing up a bit. Can Mrs Gan but a band aid? Sure.

Well, When Anjali came back, she was full of woe. Now, Anjali doesnt like Band aids, and tried to tell Mrs Gan not to put one. But Mrs Gan didnt listen. And the first thing she made patti do when she got back was to take off the bandage

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