Monday, April 5, 2010

Significance of birthdays

On the night of 3rd April

"Anjali, tomorrow is your happy birthday. Your birthday is on 4th of April. A 100 years ago, on 4th April, Sri Aurobindo came to Pondichherry"

Anjali looks up. "haan?!!?"

"Yes. A very important thing happened tomorrow, a hundred years ago"

Anjali looks a little thoughtful, and then

"No. A very important thing happened tomorrow, three years ago"

Husband, who was in the kitchen laughed "very good Anjali", and then, to me "You know, to her, what happened three years ago is more important than what happened hundred years ago"

Yes, but if your birthday is an especially significant day for you, then it helps when a million people around the world are also aspiring towards something positive. it is easy to get caught in the positive vibrations and open oneself better.

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