Thursday, April 29, 2010

The power of politeness

Often, there is a fight for the lap. Yesterday, Sophia was sitting in my lap when Anjali wanted in. She tried to push Sophia away, but anticipating the situation, I told her

"Anjali, can you try to be Polite?"

We are reading Dora's book of manners and there are a lot of important words there.

Anjali is stone silent

"Anjali, try to say please"


Sophia does not budge

Me: "Anjali, try saying the full sentence"

Anjali: "Sophia, can you please let me sit in mummy's lap?"

And miracles of miracles, Sophia gets up and trudges away to sit on the bed with husband.

Sophia might simply have gotten bored of my lap, or gone to sit with her more preferred daddy - but I like to believe that she did it because Anjali asked her politely and because she understood the term please (having used it so many times herself).

Anjali ofcourse was very surprised and elated by the power of please and when she crawled into my lap, she was happier than she wouldd have been if she had done it by pushing Sophia away.

Lets hope that it was an important lesson learnt.

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