Monday, April 26, 2010

The Jurong GRC concert

Last weekend was full of activity. Jurong GRC had a community concert at the Japanese garden on Saturday. It seemed like a very enjoyable outdoor event, going from the poster that was pinned to our lift lobby. We got the tickets - very reasonable, at $2 per person. We were all set for what Anjali called "The japanese garden concert"

But it began to rain in the afternoon. We knew that the grass would be wet, but deciided to brave it nevertheless. So, armed with three changes of clothes, we went to the Japanese garden. It was a great decision, and well worth the trip.

Here are some pictures

Sophia found a slope and thought that it was a slide down

Anjali and husband climbed a tower

We spotted a broown squirrel

Sophia marches the path with a frangipani on either hand

Arm in arm (I am hugging Sophia's neck, says Anjali)

Hand painting in the games corner

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