Friday, April 9, 2010

In preparation for Jacob Ballas garden

Anjali's school is going on a field trip to Jacob Ballas garden for a field trip. Anjali is, ofcourse, really excited. Yesteray, when we were coming back from the library, I mentioned to her that Mrs Gan has requested that the children wear swimsuits under their clothes for water play.

"There is a swimming pool at Jacob ballas garden?"

"No, but there is a huge water play place and sand play place at the garden for the children to play"

So Anjali is saying that after she goes with her school to Jacob Ballas garden, she will go with me and husband again to show us the sights.


Mrs Gan called today to check on the excursion and such. It seems that they didnt scold her, nor did they tell Anjali that they didnt love her.

That morning, Mrs Gan had a talk with Anjali, and this is the way, according to mrs Gan that the conversation went

"you didnt want to come to school this morning?"



"because I wanted to stay at home and play with my mommy"

"Then you should tell the truth and not say that Mrs Gan didnt love you"

in the evening, I came back and was telling husband about my day. Anjali interrupted

"After you tell about your day, I will tell about my day in school ok?"

"ok". I said, plesantly surprised. Anjali seldom volunteers information about her school

i finished describing my daily trials and asked Anjali

"I am finished with my day. Do you want me to tell you about my day?"


We waited

"My day is that Mrs Gan loves me"

Fine :P

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