Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I want this/ that

One thing that I have noticed with Anjali is that she wants things/ Wants to do things. I guess it is part of her growing up, and it makes me feel sad and proud all the same.

Often, when we walk, she would say "i'll meet you on the other side", and take a detour, even if it is around the block.

Sometimes, she would look at something - a eye catching dress, someone with long hair, a pretty bag/ hairclip - and say "I want this now/ one day"

When we are walking/ looking at pictures, she would say "I want to go to the swimming pool/ to Yomania/ to India" again

One day, we were coming home from West mall and Anjali saw a tandem stroller.

"Mummy, see!!!"

"What is that?"

"Two babies are in the stroller - in front and in the back"

"Yes, thats a tandem stroller"

"huh!! Tandem stroller! thats a funny name!!"

A minute

"I want a tandem stroller"

"Ask daddy"

"Daddy, I want a tandem stroller"

Husband: Why do you want a tandem stroller?

Anjali: So that Sophia can sit under and I can sit on top

Me: But you already have a stroller

Anjali: but Sophia cannot sit with me together in that stroller.


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