Thursday, April 15, 2010

I dont write on the blackboard

We are reading Kevin Henkes again - its a new book called lilly and the purple purse.

Lilly loves to go to school and loves her teacher. its perfect for those mornings when Anjali does not want to get up from bed to go to school

So the writing goes

Lolly loved school

She loved her desk

She loved the squeaky blackboard

"Mummy", asks my attentive kid, "Lilly is a teacher?"

"No. Lilly is a student, just like you"

A beat, a pause

"But I dont write on the board!!"

And then

Lilly loved the fish sticks and chhocolate milk for snacks

"Do you like all the things you get for snacks in school, Anjali?"

"I only like the good things.", pointing to the page "All these are good things? Or they are dunk?"

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