Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How she talks

I am so proud of Sophia's talking that i cant, but brag. She easily makes two or three word sentences and copies Anjali so much that it makes me laugh.

Husband and I got back home together on Monday evening. The girls were playing. Jinni akka is here for a week and they have been playing with her.

Sophia saw through me.

"ada!", she exclaimed, from her perch on patti's lap.

"ada!" she exclaimed again, shooting right past me to her ada.

We were going to the playground yesterday. Anjali was cross because I had pressed 1 on the lift before her. I told her to press 4, so that we could go across by the carpark and see the rabbit on the next block. From that point on, till we actually reached the rabbit sophia kept going

"rabut, rabut rabut"

When we reached, she saw the hamsters and thought they were rabbits. To be sure, the rabbit was just lying there in the cage while the hamsters were busy working on the treadmill and eating food and kissing each other.

"They are hamsters Sophia"


When we read a book, and were looking for something in the pages and if I asked her "where is Dora/ monkey/ elephant", her reply is

"over there!!" (not there, but over there - thats two words)

incidentally when we read a dora book, she always goes

"shoper, shoper"

it took me a while to figure out that she was actually saying Swiper

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