Monday, April 19, 2010

The girls at the beach

This is, I think Sophia's second time in beach water. The first time was in Auroville. There, although she was interested, she didnt want to go in the water. the waves in Auroville, ofcourse, were fairly strong. besides, she was still mouthing sand and we didnt let her

The waves in Sentosa, however, were less severe than those in the wave pool in the csc pool. the sand, I think is imported from dubai, or something, and it was so smooth and so soft that at first, Sophia spent nnearly half an hour simply playing and scooping the sand. Then she went into the water

half an hour later i yanked a totally screaming and protesting girl out of the water, bundled her into a robe and dunked her into the shower. She didnt like any of these three, but kept pointing to the ocean and saying "mannu, mannu"

We did, however, see a school of small red fish, just like the swimmy fish that swam very close to the shore.

By the way, Sophia slept about ten minutes all afternoon yesterday. She fell asleep on the bus in husband's arms, but woke up soon after we reached home, ate cereal and demanded that i read baout 50 books to her before she went to sleep.

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