Wednesday, April 21, 2010

filth wizardry

I just found a fascinating blog called filth wizardry with tons of very nice and exciting crafts. I have bookmarked a couple which I am sure that the kids would love. This morning, I wanted to make a newspaper hut, but Sophia woke up very early (which kind of kid wakes up at 6.15 in the morning, 30 seconds after I put the tofu on the stove?) and refesed to go back to sleep.

she wanted to cuddle and went "mummy caie" (curtesy of language taught by sister) and then went after ada with "boof" and got him to read Hop on pop to her and began to cry when he told her that he had to take a shower.

Sophia knows when to flash her smile and when to use her words to great effect.

So the plans for making the newspaper hut got shelfed for the moment. I, however, found time to make the really cool sword that the kids are playing with. it took all of three minutes to make and both husband and Anjali were very amused by it.

Husband wanted me to make a second one, Sophia wanted one, and it would be so much fun to act out all those mahabahratha and Gatothkacha stories if there were two swords. So we made a second one and here is what the girls did.

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