Monday, April 12, 2010

A couple of reflections from Sunday's activities

After Jaishree's stories on the tree, i took the toddlers and preschoolers out. The idea was for them to collect 5 thing from around, belonging to atleast three colors. My initial plan was for to facilitate the children into doing methodological science - i.e, picking things and sorting them into colors.

But when i gave instructions, i forgot to tell them to pick up only things that came from trees. So, as there were several white stones lying around the basketball court, the children pickeed up white, and in some cases black and even red stones and handed them to me.

We then went into the center where we still made the study methodical, only that this time we had to group the things between living and non living things. This proved challenging as the three and four year olds didnt quite know what living and non living meant.  This is how the conversation went

 Me: "Is the flower living?"

Children: "Yes"

Me: "Why?"

Children: "The flower lives on the tree"

The stone ofcourse, lived on the floor.

So we spent some time discussing and comcluded for simplicity that living things grow and non living things dont. This made the classification and collage making much easier, except for the stick.


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