Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the budding triathlite and naturalist

Anjali cycled all the way from acasa to patti's house swimming pool, a good three kilometers. patti says that she wants to cycle because she sees me and husband go to work in the bicycle. nice to know that we are motivating our kids by example.

Anjali is a motivated cyclist. There were parts in the road which were uphill, and parts with slopes. But she took them on very cheerfully.

"Mummy!!" she exclaimed "My bicycle is just like your bicycle!!"

 So we reached the swimming pool around 7.45, and swam till about 8.40. There were plenty of insects that had fallen into the water, and our budding conservationist picked them up gently and let them in the back. I tried doing the same, but found the worms too icky. Didnt let Anjali see me getting icky though - she was busy exploring by herself and saving as many "baby insects" as she called them

We got back home and blew bubbles before bedtime

Anjali wanted to cycle back home too. Husband was against the idea - he had come to the swimming pool directly from office and was pretty tired

"I will cycle fast. As fast as a bus"

She does cycle as fast as a bus. it took us 30 minutes to get from home to the swimming pool. if we had taken a bus, it would have taken as long - 5 min walking to the busstop, 5 mins waiting for the bus, 10 min bus ride, 10 mins walking from the bus to the pool.

Husband wanted to take a taxi though. Sophia too was hungry and a little cranky.

"You and Sophia take a taxi and me and mummy will come in the cycle"

It was a no go and in the end Anjali agreed to take a taxi provided that she could cycle to the taxi and then from the taxi stop to home.

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