Thursday, April 29, 2010

birdhouses, messy play, gloop etc

The evening fell together so smoothly that i should be surprised. When i got home, the girls immediately began to fight. We were reading a book - we read so many books these days that the stories of one over the other jumble up in my head. i think it was Dora. Sophia wanted to read a page with snakes, and Anjali wanted to move on with the story. So both began to cry over dinner.

After smoothing the situation, husband came home and Sophia spent a happy quarter of an hour messing with his dinner (her favorite activity is to fiddle around husband's dinner). on some well organized days I would give her a small plate with some food, but yesterday was not a well organized day.

Husband has this nice theory that what the girls really want is individual time. For the past several weeks, since Sophia was growing up and can be, in many cases, matched with Anjali in different activities, such as reading, craft and even jumping and running, husband and I grouped them together in activities. This was good, but was a case of too much of a good thing. the girls competed constantly for attention, in their own ways - Sophia threw tantrums when she had to share her stuff with Anjali. It was very puzzling.  So now we are trying to give husband's theory a try, and it seems to be working well.

Yesterday, while Sophia was playing with husband's food, i sat with Anjali in her lego city. Anjali was making a lego car and I built a city with a carpark that she had to navigate into. I think she learnt some stuff. She definitely learnt that if she banged her car down on my city, the city would break!

husband and Sophia took rather a long time with the food, and I realized that it was because Sophia was in the bath, washing up all the residual food on her. They stayed in the bath for about half an hour. In the meantime, we had finished the lego games, and as I had been meaning to do a birdhouse project for a while now, took a wooden house (an old one that we had picked from downstairs about an year ago, washed and kept) and tied it to the garden, in the hope of putting food and stuff for birds.

I was just finishing when husband came out with Sophia, asking for paints (the imp had been pointing to the craft cupboard and saying "pait!"). i encouraged her to have dinner first before painting, but that resulted in a tantrum. So I gave her the paints (which, incidentally were screwed on so tight that husband had to open them). So Sophia had dinner and the girls painted - which led to them having another bath.

Anjali then wanted to play gloop in the playground (I had told her that we would play gloop). I didnt want to play gloop in the playground, because gloop was messy and we had to bring copious buckets of water to the playground to wash the gloop. The other problem was that there was no water source in the playground, so the water had to be carried from home. Therefore we went to the playground, bought cornflour. Anjali tried to convince me to open the gloop in the playground so that her friends could play. But since pooja wanted to play and came upstairs, it was fine.

The three girls (my own two imps and pooja) started to work on the gloop. Sophia put way too much water in it, so it was more water in the tray than cornflour. As Anjali said it was not sticky, I pointed out that there was plenty of sticky stuff on the floor anyway. This led Anjali to pour all the gloop on the floor. it is slippery, so she went around sliding, and messing up her clothes, singing "Sing Sing Sing, okelo froggy" (A tribute to the mambo song that she learnt at the Jap garden concert)

We had some colors, and then there was so much water and gloop on the floor that Pooja suggested that we must paint. So we brought out the paints and a big bucket of water, and a handful of paintbrushes (we were in the lift lobby). The girls painted randomly. They had the whole floor to themselves. Pooja's eyes fell upon the birdhouse and she began to paint it. Anjali joined. (The birdhouse is now very colorful). Sophia amused herself by putting water everywhere, including on herself. This was not very clean, as the bucket of water was already mixed with paint and was quite black.

By the time Pooja's mother came for her, it was past ten and the girls still hadnt stopped their play. I sent Pooja back with promises of doing something else next week. My imps came home, husband helped me to pour two more buckets of water over all the mess in the lift lobby and pushed the cornflour and paint to the drain. They had a bit of a wash (Anjali thinks that husband's shaving brush is fantastic for scrubbing paint off her body) 

I rinsed off Sophia. We read a book and went to bed

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