Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the playground

As a kind of post earth day event, we decided to decorate our newspaper hut with leaves to make a sort of teepee for Anjali. I heard from patti that Anjali had her afternoon nap in her newspaper hut and we decided to embellish it with dried leaves. So I took an old box outside and asked the girls to dump dried leaves into them. Anjali dropped a couple of leaves and went off to play. Sophia took up the challenge with gusto, dragging the box behind her, stopping to scoop up leaves and dump them in the box. She also picked up many really small leaves and dropped them in the box.

After a bit, we went to play in the sand. There is a little corner near the exercise playground where the sand is pretty clean and the girls like to play there. Yesterday, it had rained and the sand was nice and smooth for writing. Anjali often writes in the sand, and Sophia also has begun to grab a stick to make markings on the sand.

(on a side note on cognition, how does a baby know that a stick given to her near a sand pit is for drawing while a stick in any other situation is not?)

And guess what Sophia drew?

A lot of markings in the sand which she proudly displayed as

"Anai! see!!"

Jessica and Vineesia were in the playground and Anjali got into a spot of fight with Vineesia. There were two swings, but Anjali wanted the one that Vineesia was playing. there was some snatching and crying all around and Vineesia gave up the swing. Anjali swung for a bit, crying and came in for water, whereupon we discussed swiping and whether Anjali would like it if people said "No swiping!" to her.

We decorated the teepee after getting home. I'll put up a photo of the decorated teepee soon.

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