Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Asking for attention

Yesterday, I came home from work to find husband already there, playing with the girls. Anjali had done an easter egg at school, so she took it down and showed it to me.

"Have you shown daddy?", I asked.

Daddy came out from the bedroom, where he had been changing. Anjali shows the egg to daddy

Sophia goes to pick up a toy. "Ada!!" she says, holding the toy out to show her daddy


Two days ago, Anjali was playing with garfield. I had made a bed for garfield with a cardboard box and a old shirt for a blanket, and she was making her sleep and was taking general care.

We were on the webcam with bunica and tata sile who were watching the girls' progress

I showed Anjali how to put garfield on her legs and give him a massage. I also carried garfield (I am garfield's grandma, see), and was cuddling garfield up.

Along comes the small imp, she got on my knees and asked to be massaged like garfield, giggling nice and loud.

Tata sile, who is watching comments

"Anjali is copying what kiruthika is doing to Sophia"

Husband says "Actually, it is the inverse - Sophia wants done to her what Anjali is doing to garfield"

Now, i am sure that is pretty advanced cognition.

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