Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anjali's opinion of her first field trip

I called Anjali last afternoon after she had got back from school.

"i didnt do any water play. Because my teacher said ""No water play!!"". The water play area was closed."

"Did you go on the tree house?"

"Yes, I slide down the tree house like an elephant"

At home we got the flyer on jacob ballas garden and pored over the pictures. Anjali identified going on the rocking bridge ("The bridge rocks and rocks. I was a little scared. i didnt hold anybody's hand. i just hold the bridge at the bottom, like this" (mimics crawling)). She also identified the photosynthesis exhibit

"i saw this. It is a water sprayer"

"Is this the water play area?"

"no. it is not the water play area. The water play area is closed. This is a sprayer. if you turn it will spray"

I feigned ignorance

"So, you must press a button for it to spray?"

"No. You must turn a wheel, and then it will spray and spray and spray"

She ate "crunchy tasty biscuit" at the garden but drank nothing. And when they got back to school, it seems that they had porridge for lunch.

"Werent you very hungry by the time you reached school?"

No satisfactory answer was given, so I suppose she is fine.

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