Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anjali's birthday celebration at Canossian convent

Cutting the cake
A lot of kids

Singing happy birthday
Singing happy birthday
Sophia is sitting with Anjali in her class table
Mrs Gan puts the cake in front of Anjali

According to Anjali, Mikaela is the girl on the far right

I sewed a butterfly (from my wedding headdress) on to Anjali's birthday gown.

The cake was strawberry cheesecake. We got from Bengawan Solo last night. The dress was also gotten last night. Husband's choice. i wanted to get a yellow one. Shows how much we have grown, as there would have been a time, not long ago, when we would have gotten both.

What I liked - The teachers told Anjali to give the first piece of cake to daddy and the second one to mummy, Mrs Gan later explained that it was their way of teaching values to the children - that they first serve the parents.

They also asked the kids who wanted cheesecake, instead of giving to all the kids. That was also good

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