Monday, April 26, 2010

anai book

Girls come back from the playground at 8.45. They go to have a bath. Then they come out and ask for cereal. I mix the cereal and sit the girls in the living room with their books.

Sophia had two books read to her. Then she finishes eating and Anjali wants the book on Eyptian myths. i start with the story of how Ra created the world.

Sophia sits for two minutes. The story is boring, there is only one picture and too many words in each page. She looks around adn her eyes fall on another book - one with an elephant on it.

(points) "boof boof!!"

"Sophia, I just read you two books. its Anjali's turn"

Sophia does not listen. She goes up to the table and picks up the book

"boof boof"

plops it down in front of me


sits on my lap and points to book

"boof boof. padi!"

Now my tactic when the girls want different books to read is this. I turn the pages of the book Sophia wants, and read the story from Anjali's book. Anjali knows this tactic and appreciates it. It worked fine as Sophia didnt know that I was not reading her book.

until yesterday.

I have discussed before Sophia's fascination to elephants. And she realized somehow that the word anai didnt appear in the story thuat i was telling. nor did the word elephant, nor anything related.

She picked up the book again.

"anai anai anai anai"

husband began to giggle rather uncontrollably.

Sophia lay down on my lap and opened the book

"anai anai"

She turned the page

"anai yump" (the anai was jumping on a trampoline)

turns the page

"anai bruuuu" (Anai was going in a bicycle)

turns the page

"anai thopaal" (Anai fell off the bicycle)

turns page

"Anai bush" (Anai fell into a bush)

turns page

"anai aater thopaal" (anai fell into the water with a big splash)

I am really glad that Sophia has learnt to read her own book and tell her own story.

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