Monday, April 5, 2010

About sophia

I got some feedback that I wrote a lot of things about Anjali, but not much about Sophia. Is that true?

Anyway, here's some stuff about Sophia which is bound to make us smile

=> When Sophia is hungry, she bites. Her favorite spot to bite is my nose. But cheek etc is fine too. Usually, when she is hungry, esp after coming back from outside/ playground etc when her hands are totally filthy, she would bite her fingers. If I take them out, she bites my fingers. ouch!

=> Sophia's favorite person, unless she is hungry, is daddy. She keeps going "Ada Ada" until he picks her up.

Below is a real conversation between patti and Sophia, translated into English

patti: Sophia, you went to akks'a school?

Sophia looks up: Ani

patti: you cut cake?

Sophia: um

patti: amma came?

Sophia: amma

patti: Daddy came?

Sophia: Ada

Patti: can patti come?

Sophia shakes her head

patti: yes or no?

Sophia: no no

patti: can thattha come?

Sophia: Ammu

Patti: Yes or no?

Sophia: Yes

Patti: Of all the trick bags in the world. i spend all the time from morning to evening with you and you dont want me to come
Sophia is starting to make small sentences. She brought the Dora book to me and says

"joia joia yo boat"

Turns the page and goes

"yo yo yo boat" (row row row your boat)


At Jayanthy's house, they have a good number of statues (there are no kids, so the statues are safe). The nice one is a nandhi near the altar. Sophia walks straight up the the nandhi stares it in the nose and goes "Moo Moo"


Last evening, Sophia was playing with Anjali's water bottle. She comes to me and says


I look down, she has one piece of plastic in her hand which came out from the bottle. I think she says pichutta


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