Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As a mother of two, one of the things that i sorely miss is time. When it was only Anjali, I generally found time, early in the morning, before Anjali woke up, to cook a quick supper for husband, and then to sit and work on the all the doman books. last week, when Anu was here, I found the time, and finished a dinosaur lapbook, complete with puzzles. But that was because Anjali had school holidays and I was less stressed about waking her up and getting her to the school bus

I have this fabulous idea for a toddler book - a beautifully illustrated set of sanskrit rhymes and shlokas. The rhymes are translated versions of pasuve pasuve, twinkle twinkle, nila nila, among others. They will be interspersed between Sanskrit songs that Anjali has picked up from Sanskrit class - surasa su bodha, manasa satatam. Dotted here and there will be simple shlokas with illustrations.

It is all in my head. How I would illustrate the various shlokas - I have even translated a number of rhymes. Maybe, if it came out well, i could record the songs in sequence and let the girls listen once in a while when I am not at home - or a home video, where Anjali does percussions and sings the songs while husband? video tapes the whole thing.

Its a fabbulous idea. Except that i dont hae time to implement it.

I woke up at 5.45 this morning. The idea was to cook lunch for husband and while lunch cooked, begin with the preliminary work for the project. At 5.50, I tossed the tofu in the pan.

Sophia woke up.

It was not the half crying I want to get back to sleep waking up. It was the big eyed I want to smile and play waking up.

It was 5.50 am.

I turned off the stove, covered the tofu and went to her, hoping to make her get back to slumberland

No luck.

She stayed in the semi darkness for 25 minutes, playing, nursing.

I pretended to sleep and ignored her while she was nursing for about ten minutes. When i opened my eyes after ten minuted, she was still nursing, eyes open wide.

At 6.25, i had had enough. I told husband to take care of her, while I atleast finished cooking lunch.

I got up and left the bedroom, when


Anjali had woken up.

"Anjali! Its 6.25. You and your sister are going to be spanked. Go back to sleep"

Anjali made to sleep. But I felt sorry for her. She probably didnt get the exasperation or the humor in my comment. That would, eventually lead to whining.

Therefore took her to the kitchen, put her on the kitchen table

"Mummy I want to play with Diwali sparklers"

I ignored that and continued cooking.

I think husband's lunch is probably oversalted.

Sophia came to the kitchen just when i was adding the vegetables. I stirred them with one hand. probably the food is also very unbalanced.

I am nearly sure that the rice is kind of undercooked.

The plans for working on the Sanskrit rhymes book this morning also flew out of the window

See, the girls dont normally wake up before 7. If I stay in bed till 6.45.

On Sunday I stayed in bed till 8.15, and so did they.

On saturday, i woke up at 7.15, and so did they.




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