Friday, March 5, 2010

things done with the kids

Havent done anything organized with the kids for the last couple of weeks. Been taking Kathy Hrish Parick to heart. But I do try to give them one messy activity a day. That helps.

On Monday we went to the mannu playground. On Tuesday we didnt do anything big, just played around with stuff

on wednesday, i set them up on the kitchen floor with the old oven tray and several spoonsful of flour. The girls had a blast, Anjali made dosas while Sophia just sprinked flour all over the floor exclaiming "Aa no" (that means no eating in her language). That gave husband time to work in the living room to set up his new road bike.

After that Anjali had some water, which she mixed with the flour on the floor, creating a very viscous liquid, which she spread all over herself, me and Sophia, giving us a flous bath. My hands were full of flour, and the phone rang. Anita aunty wanted to find out about the Sanskrit course. That is to say nothing of the girls, who had both feet cakes in something white and slimy. THey went on like that for about an hour and then

It was time to dump them both in the bath. Anjali does not want to take a bath, because she has a wound on her knee where she fell off from the bus, a fortnight ago. Nobody can see the bruise except her.

So she refuses to sit in the bathtub, but leaves the tap open and pours water all over and gets wet anyway, just that she doesnt want to call it a bath.

The flour only came off with warm water.

Finally I had a sample of gluten. Offered it to husband to substitute for whey protein, which costs a bomb and it running out, but he was not so forthcoming.
So the gluten was played with in the bathtub.

Yesterday night, we had two messy activities. The first one was with ice and water. Sophia liked that one - the ice was cold and it was new for her. The second one was using the pair of baby scissors that we had gotten last week. Anjali had a good time snipping old paper and stuffing it into a box and Sophia had a good time digging paper out from her shirt, into which I stuffed them.

The girls are growing fine.

This evening it is either a trip to the library, which is a bit overdue, or I could take the kids downstairs and let them play with the sand scourged from the mannu playground. maybe I can organize a treasure hunt

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