Monday, March 8, 2010

Sophia's new words

Yesterday at the walk, She had a packet of Milo, and a straw. She kept taking the straw in one hand and the milo in the other and going

"mlo, staw"

At the Ramayana show, pointing at Ravana and saying

"rama, rama"

Sophia really enjoyed the Ramayana show, unhampered as she was by the understanding that Rama was good and Ravana evil, she didnt feel frightened by Ravana, but just enjoyed the show.

Ananya came to the brunch, and immediately Sophia began

"Anaya Anaya"

Ananya asks Swati, "She is saying my name??"

Anjali is very amused by Sophia talking.

Whenever Sophia says something, Anjali comes to me to interpret.

If Sophia says "Jooa Jooa"

"Mummy, Sophia is saying that she wants to swing"

Of if she says "booa"

"Mummy, I think Sophia wants booba milk"

of course Anjali's favorite is when Sophia says "Ani"

The Sophia dictionary

Mummy: Amma
Daddy: Ada
Patti: paa paa
thattha: Amu (Aaaaamu)
Anjali: Ani
Swing: Jooa jooa
cat: meow
dog: lol lol
Milo: mlo
straw: staw
water (to drink): jus
water (anywhere else in containers or tubs, or rivers): apu
Elephant: anai
poo: aiya
pee: isha
apple: aple
potato: pto
Booba milk: booa booa (it has to be repeated twice. For emphasis I think)
Book: book
Dora: doa
car/ motorcycle/ boat/ train: bruu
Ganesha: sha

This is not a complete dictionary, because I can exhaust myself.

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