Monday, March 1, 2010

Sophia's new words: Just some examples

At the center:

Sophia is lounging on my lap. Vishnu strolls over to say hello

Sophia: Anna

Vishnu: She is saying Anna

Niharika comes over

Me: Sophia, this is akka. Can you say Akka

Sophia: Ani!

(For Sophia, akka is synonymous to Anjali)

This morning I was in the bathroom, Anjali had gone to school. Sophia had just woken up and husband was keeping her company.

Sophia: bua bua bua bua

Husband: Mummy is in the bathroom, she will come right mow

Sophia: bua bua bua

Me: Wait a minute Sophia

Sophia: bua bua bua (with a definite whine in her voice)

I get out of the bathroom

Me: Goodmorning

Sophia: Bua bua bua (the whine converts instantaneously to a very cheeky laugh)

Me: I am so glad that you are able to communicate your needs and desires so effectively

Yesterday, at the center, I was telling the children a story about a horse and a king

Me: And so they fell down

Sophia: thoppu


Two days ago, Anjali and I had made apple clafoutis. The almond essence was in the same box as the foodcoloring and there were two food coloring spots on my right hand at bedtime. I didnt think twice about them till we were on bed.

Sophia was sitting on the bed and playing. She holds up my hand, looks at the tip of my ring finger


"Yes, I have blue on my finger"

Then she focuses on my palm


I got quite excited

"Adi, listen to Sophia"

Husband, who is reading on the other side, looks over

Sophia: Bilue (pointing to the finger) bilue (pointing to the palm)

(Does anyone actually realize h ow soft a baby finger feels when she is touching you?)

Husband: Yes, mummy has two blue spots on her palm. How many blue spots?

Sophia: too bilue

At IEp class, the kids made up a primitive telephone with paper cups and string. I took one of the samples home to play with. This morning, I took it out Sophia immediately toddles over and says



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