Friday, March 19, 2010


Anjali had a flu from school last friday. It passed. She didnt get anything major out of it. But since Monday, Sophia began to cough. I was largely ignorant of this mostly because we have been going to and from Sanskrit class, until Sophia coughed most of Wednesday night. So on Thursday, patti took up the responsibility of taking Anjali to the Sanskrit class and I took Sophia to the doctor.

So there, at the doctor's reception, there was a boy, around 3 years, waiting. There was a toy too, one of those colorful plastic things with the alphabets and pictures that spins around. Sophia wanted that toy.

ofcourse, the 3 year old wanted it too. So Sophia began to communicate her intention in all manners and ways - yanking, pointing, crying.

So I said

"Sophia, if you want the toy, you must say please"

A minute and then


The boy gave the toy

of course, his mother prompted him to share and probably because at that time he just lost interest in it.

But all through the evening, and into the night, she just went on saying puleese

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