Tuesday, March 9, 2010

personal log

Another 7 kilometers of cycling in the morning. The spare blouse comes in handy.

Left work late last evening, around 6.30pm. Reached home at 7.30 by the bicycle.

There was a grand accident on the road. It shook me to no end, especially because I was on the pavement

A car and a van were both making a right turn at the intersection. The van miscalculated his turn and banged against the car. Glass flew everywhere, the driver door of the car was badly damaged. People came rushing out of the passenger door of the car, a stroller got pushed out, along with a screaming baby.

Someone called the ambulance. I didnt linger once I knew someone was calling the ambulance, but when i looked back, i could see the driver's arm on the steering wheel. It is odd that he didnt get out.

Maybe he couldnt.


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