Monday, March 15, 2010

parenting journeys

For the last couple of days, we have been working on the Sanskrit course. Thattha is very excited when anjali says things like upavishatu and uttishtatu. For me, ofcourse, the real kick came when Anjali woke up on Sunday morning and yelled across the house

"Anu aunty, Sophia Karoti"

Of course, it dooesnt mean anything, but it shows several important aspects of linguistics - that Anu speaks Sanskrit, that Karoti is a Sanskrit word, and that Sophia karoti is correct and not something like Karoti Sophia.

For this week, SIFAS is running a festival of Indian music and dance, and yesterday during the mantras class, Anjali was making so much distractions that all the other children began to laugh. I therefore had to take her out to the concerts, which she is really fond of - classical music and classical dance.


Anjali does not like to stack blocks. She however likes to stack big things - like the vases at the center. No wonder the kids were laughing instead of saying mantras.


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