Monday, March 29, 2010

no nap and all day out

Anjali fell down on the pavement yesterday afternoon on the way to IEP. She skinned her knee. Therefore she limped, and wanted to be carried. Everywhere

Except when she was playing in the sand and gloop

Except when, after dinner, we saw a playground in front of the mall.


When she went to the bathroom after getting home, I washed her up, and, i think some water spilled on her knee. She screamed for 15 minutes. There were, of course, no tears.

We read Charlie cook's favorite book for the night. Sophia has moved one more page and now wants to read about Rowena redalot 15 times.

Anjali wanted a story about Mars.

Me: "After you go to mars, you must come back"

her: "Why"

Me: Because mummy will not come to Mars

Her: There will be aeroplanes in Mars?

Me: Yes. There will be aeroplanes, but no mummy and daddy.

She gives me a hug.

Me: Why did you cry so much Anjali?

Her: sniff sniff

Me: lets try something. I cried because...

Her: I cried because... you poured water on my knee

Me: is is better now, or is it still hurting?

Her: Its still hurting. Sniff sniff

Me: Will it help if I say sorry?

Her: Yes.

So i apologized and tucked her in. She slept early, having had no nap/

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