Thursday, March 18, 2010

A growing child

It is very amusing and revealing to think of Sophia as a girl with preferences. it kind of washed up on me when I was having dinner one evening. Sophia also wanted dinner, and wanted to play with my spoon on my plate.

As I usually discourage that sort of thing (as oppossed to husband, who lets Sophia eat from his plate and drop the food on the floor), I went to the kitchen and got a new plate for Sophia, puttinf a teaspoon of uppuma on it. I set it on the floor.

Sophia was excited and followed me to the kitchen while I got her plate, babbling constantly. However, her face fell as I set her plate down. She looked at me.



Looked at the plate again. "poo"

I went into the kitchen again. The imp followed me, babbling excitedly again. I gave her the yellow spoon and she was happy

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