Monday, March 29, 2010


Thattaha got for Anjali an animated cd of Gatokgacha from India. I understood from patti that the kids had been watching it regularly during mealtimes, and so on Sunday, decided to put it on.

I put the first cd. We must have watched about ten minutes when Anjali began to show signs of distress. This included scenes when the rakshashas came to kill Gatokacha, and then when a baby elephant was attached by a tiger. When Gatokacha tolld the baby elephant off for following him, she began to cry in earnest.

"Why are you crying?"

""waa waa"

"Anjali, say I am crying because..."

"I am <sniff> crying <sniff> because gatokacha scolded the elephant"

"Do you want to turn off the tv?"


Husband, who doesnt approve of hittings and killings in cartoons, even the mythological ones, rapidly complied. Anjali stopped crying.

Sophia began to cry. Now, Sophia doesnt like the tv switched off. That is an issue that I need to learn to handle at some point of time.

Later I told patti the story.

"Does she always cry when you put on the cd?"

"No. she doesnt like to watch the first bits of the movie. We just ffast forward to the kalyana samayal saadam song and watch five minutes - then switch off"

That explained a lot


I am very glad that the intrinsic sensitivity that allows her to feel for the cartoon characters is there in Anjali. She has begun to see the humorous aspect of some dangerous situations in books (like Kitten's first full moon) but I hope it will be a long while before she learns to accept violence in tv shows or even dramas.

That reminds me, the gruffalo show is coming up, and I need to book tickets

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