Monday, March 29, 2010

ballet and long hair

Anjali started toddler ballet on Saturday. Husband and I sat in the class. By the end of the class, husband and I were giggling. We fully intend to take Sophia to class next week. For one thing, lots of parents have brought their younger kids to sit in the back/ For another thing, I feel that Sophia will like to dance as well and to run around in circles.

On Saturday Nisthula came for a visit. Anjali seemed to like Nisthula's dress, i heard her going up to Nisthula and saying "I like you dress, can you give it to me?" Of coruse, Nisthula cant talk enough to respond to that one.

Anytime Anjali sees someone with long straight hair, she points and touches. The same went for a girl with long straight hair in the swimming pool. The hair was all stuck together because it was wet, but that didnt deter Anjali - she touched the hair and looked at it with an expression of such longing

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