Monday, March 8, 2010

the advantages of face paint

The family went to the ACM yesterday evening. the perenakan museum was hosting the ramayana revisted exhibition, complete with henna, facepainting, kolam and concerts

Sophia thought that the kolam flour was cool. We had flour on the hands and feet.

Anjali got really scared of the Ravana in the stage show. There was a javanese Ramayana show and a Kathakali one. Here's what happened.

Anjali began to cry when she saw the Ravana on the Javanese show. Thathha thinks that she needs more exposure. later, when I told the story to husband , he said its simply that the Ravana looks scary.

I happen to agree with husband.

We went for the kathakali show, with seeta and Rama and Ravana and Jatayu.

After the show, I took Anjali up to meet with the artists.

"Who do you want to meet?"

"I want to meet Sita"

She went to Sita (who was incidentally a man) and who held her (his) hands out to carry Anjali. Anjali went forward to be carried wuite willingly (which was very strange, but which delighted me, nonetheless. I mean, Sita must have played a very positive influence on Anjali for Anjali to let Sita carry her) But she immediately began to cry and came back to me.

Later I asked her

"Did you like the show?"


"Who did you like the most?"

"I liked Sita the most"

"Did you want Sita to carry you?"


"Then why did you cry and come back to mummy"

"Because Ravana was standing next to Sita'

And indeed it was so. Ravana was standing riight next to Sita during the curtain call.


We had a goood time with the kathakali face paint though, and Anjali spent nearly all the time during the ride home getting the paint off her face and putting it everywhere else, her arms, feet, Sophia's face, my arms... I drew a line when she put facepaint on the train windows and the train seats, and had to give her a baby wipe.

It kept her from napping in the train however, and we had a very nice evening, eating gnocchi, reading good books, listening to some of the music that Sandhya had picked for us from India. I even had time to make up an apple crumble, which I had not made for a long time. Husband was working with the kids and their lego blocks.


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