Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An explosion of words

We were at the airport. It was close to midnight, India time, we had checked in, cleared customs and were waiting to board the airplane. Anjali was sleeping in patti's arms. Sophia had woken up straight after checkin and had refused to go back to sleep. Husband and I decided to take a trip to the airport bookshop - Sophia was in my arms

We were browsing, when the imp suddenly said

"mum mum"

I looked around, and sure enough, there was a recipe book in the collection with tantalising pictures of idlis on the cover. I flipped it and Sophia spent an enjoyable three minutes perusing the pictures, exclaiming "mum mum" and "jus"

The book finished and I looked among the volumes for something more inspirational. My eyes fell on some issues of tinkle magazine, the cover of the top most one featured suppandi stepping on some stones to cross a river

"apu", says the imp. Yes, apu, I said
(For sophia, water in a tumbler/ bottle is jus and anything else is apu)

We flipped until we reached another story


There was a tiger on the page

and then


for something with an elephant

We got in the plane and were flipping through the entertainment pages in the magazine. (I dont know why I bother to do that, it has been three years since I actually watched a movie on the plane).

"do. do"

I looked a1ll around, trying to spot what she was referring to.

"do, do"

And there is was, in a corner, a thumbnail poeter, 2 cm by 2 cm for the movie UP

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