Wednesday, January 20, 2010

why it is so important that IMM has slopes

This is a long outdated post, its so outdated that I think it is finally safe to post it without being hammered by the Anjali Curic fanclub

Two weeks ago, husband and I took the girls to IMM. IMM is interestingly linked to acasa, there is a park connector road that goes along the canal to just before IMM

So we decided to take a bicycle down. Anjali, who likes to ride with me on the bicycle (with husband running alongside pushing Sophia on the stroller) had one question

"IMM has a slope?"

So why is it so important that IMM has slopes?

Here is the flashback.

It  was the second day of school and I was in the process of easing Anjali into Canossian convent. Having accompanied her to the school on the bus the first day, i decided to let her brave the bus by herself, with promises of meeting her on the other side. Being the weight coonscious mother that I am, and thanks to husband's constant digs about my shape, decided to pack in some exercise and bicycle all the way to the canossian convent. From acasa to canossian is mostly uphill.

Anjali's bus arrived at 7.45. I left the imp in the bus and cycled out. When I reached the traffic light before the market, the bus reached at the same time. The imp saw me and waved through the window. The bus turned at the junction. I went straight. The uphill was hard but I reached Canossian by 8am, well before the bus, which reached at 8.10. I was there to meet Anjali on the other side, as promised.

After school we came back on the bicycle. Remember that canossian was uphill? That means that when returning, we bike downhill. And I miscalculated the brake.

Bang we went, and crashed into the pavement, headlong.

Thanks to child safety belts and a lot of Grace, we werent badly hurt. I had a nice bruise on my toe, Anjali claimed that her head was hurt where she hit it against the handle bar, I checked for bruises, but thankfully it was nothing bad (to us). The bicycle was rather smashed. The front basket was flattened, the child seat had moved (although I didnt realize this till much later when husband pointed it out).

We were both badly shaken though, and were still shaky when we reached home. I requested patti to monitor Anjali, but she was playing with no visible signs of affect.

WWhether I learnt anything or not out of this is another story, but Anjali learnt something important. She went with her daddy to learn all about brakes. And now I cant go down any slope with her, no matter how gentle, without her having to instruct me (you must squeeze the brakes when going down the slope)

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