Monday, January 25, 2010

Spicy food

Anjali had broccoli and potatoes for lunch on Saturday. Husband was eating drumstick sambhar and had some drumstick skin on his plate.

Anjali grabbed a drumstick skin off husband's plate and was munching it.

This didnt strike me as too hygenic, so i tried to make her give it up.

No go

patti had a better idea, which was to exchange the skin with a new drumstick from the sambar.

Anjali took the new drumstick and put it in her mouth.

"waah waah waah"

"what happened?"

"Its spicy"

After that, everything on the plate was spicy, even the stemed broccoli and potatoes, which just had salt in them.

That is funny, because patti puts jaggery and sugar in her sambar

later we told Anjali

"When you go to India people will give you only spicy food. What will you do?"

To which she immediately begins

"I'll put some cheese and gobble up all the spicy food. That is my question. Then there will be no more spicy food in the world. I'll put some cheese and gobble up all the spicy food"

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