Tuesday, January 5, 2010

posting after a long time

This happened yesterday

The kids were wreaking havoc around the house as usual, Anjali and husband had gotten two chairs, a sheet, a box, four cushions and were building something that was a cross between an igloo, a tent, and a train. They and Sophia amused themselves for a while, after which Anjali decided to slide the floor with the cushions.

"There are two coo trains!!" she exclaimed gleefully, sliding across the floor like the slippery slip.

"Two little trains went down the track.." I began.

Sophia, who was munching something or another inedible thing stopped and began to whirl. I wondered why. Then she toddled off and brought back a book.

It was the two little trains book by Margret Wise brown that we had taken out from the library.

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