Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my favorite time of the evening

Its not the playground time

Its definitely not dinner time - thats usually a harry of turn taking, running around kids, making sure that food doesnt get on statues etc

Its not bed time, where I must struggle to remain conscious and talk coherently when the story of Anjali's birth gets mixed up with the story of Harry Potter or Narnia or Josh Tenabaum, in no particular order, nor in any particular sense

By the way Anjali thinks that my umbrella is with Mr Tumnus in Narnia

Its bath time, especially bathtime that comes after playground time. Its a very soothing feeling, putting dirty, grimy children in the bath, filling it with soap suds, watching them splash about, splashing with them, rinsing the grime off and seeing soft smooth baby skin reappear miraculously from underneath. 

It feels fabulous to hold some of the soft skin close and breathe in deeply, that combined smell of soap and baby.

to take a fluffy towel and wrap it around the children, take them to the bedroom to dry them off

When they roll around on the bed, refusing to put on clothes, but enjoy running and rubbling around

One of the everyday things that make me thankful

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