Thursday, January 14, 2010

linguistics, games and book review

For Sophia, talking and language seems to be the next milestone, and she is intent on covering as many words as much as possible.

When I get back from work, she shadows me around the house, and yesterday shee surprised everyone by saying

"amma tho tho ta"

which we took to mean

"amma vanthutta"

She is positively recognizing objects, "get me the thomas/ maisy book" or put the clothes in the laundry basket leads to some very nice exhibitions

And yesterday, as an attempt at organization, the kids and I began a game with putting away toys. Husband and I are reading "What kindergarten teachers know", and there are many interesting points there on how to manage a crazy house

They are excellent ideas

In theory.

one of the ideas was to give the toddler a tong to pick up her blocks and put them away after playing.

Toddler begins by doing that, and then starts picking other stuff with tongs, meaning that a lot of new toys that have previously been put away get on the floor.

We pretended to be birds to pick up the blocks. It was fun, picking them with our mouths and spitting them out into the block box.

Sophia was very amused as well, she began to pick up the blocks and put them in her mouth, then take them out with her hands and then toss them into the box.

We had a load of fun, until Sophia decided to climb into the block box.

And then Anjali wanted to climb into the box as well, but ofcourse the block box was too small.

She ran into the toy room. I heard a crash and the sound of several things rolling.

then she came back carrying a red basket

that which houses the balls.

So we had a  floor full of blocks in the living room and a floor full of balls in the toy room.

Like I said, it was a load of fun

What worked really well though, was the magic idea

"I am closing my eyes and when I say abracadabra the blocks will be in the box"

And they were

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