Monday, January 25, 2010

First sentences

Sophia is really talking, and it is very amusing to see her words develop and come out of her mouth. We were at the playground near patti's house yesterday evening. Anjali and Sophia were playing and thattha had come down with us.

Both girls ignored their shoes and ran barefoot on the playground floor.

Sophia was on the slide, and Anjali on teh other side. Thattha was with Sophia

"la la la la"

"Ok, you can sit on the side"

"la la la la"

"Oh, there is a dog"

I carried Sophia to the dog and Anjali came running behind. After Anjali had petted and hugged the dog (Sophia doesnt do it, she just goes really close to the dog and says hello, but refuses to touch), the dog went running and we went back to the playground

Imp holds out her hands


Thattha carried imp

"did you see the lol lol?"

"lol bu bie!!"

The cool thing is that she can understand nearly everything we say in both Tamil and English. Husband says that the stuff she doesnt seem to understand is not that she cant understand, but that it just doesnt fall into her agenda and she chooses to ignore it

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