Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversations that make us laugh

 Husband, who is a bit of an exercise maniac was exercising on the bed after lights out.

The silhoutette showed husband lifting his legs and putting them on the window sill.

"what are you doing?" I inquired

"I am trying to get pregnant", says husband, who is a big fan of Maggie Walsh

"Do you want a girl or a boy?"

Husband turns to Sophia "Sophia, do you want a baby sister or a baby brother?"

Anjali, who is sort of half listening to the varaha story looks over

"I dont want any more babies. I will kick your bottom in the morning"

"Why", I asked her surprised

"Because daddy will have babies, so I will kick his bottom in the morning"

"You dont want any more babies?"


"Come on, Anjali, babies are fun"

"no, I will kick your bottom and daddy's bottom in the morning"

"Why do you want to kick my bottom"

"Because you are making jokes"

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