Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bag of tricks

It was 4.30am. Sophia stirred against me.

Running on autopilot, I let her feed.

For about 20 minutes she stirred restlessly. I was jogged out of my sleep. Being already aware that the breast milk supply wwas going down, I knew that there is a possibility that she be thirsty. My throat was parched too, and yearned for a drink

Sophia began to cry. She wanted to sleep, but was uncomfortable. Husband stirred

"Sophia, go back to sleep", he said, and went back to sleep.

Sophia ignored this very good advice.

Another ten minutes of restless stirring and she went to sleep. I took the opportunity for a bathroom break.

0.5 seconds after I left the bed, she cried in earnest - a super temper tantrum that said

"How dare you leave me"

When I returned from the bathroom, husband was up and holding the crying girl.

I took her again - the tantrum stopped- and began to feed her. She continued the restless crying.

"Sophia, do you want to take a walk?", asked husband

Sophia stopped crying immediately and tried to sleep next to me.

"Maybe she is thirsty"

husband went to the kitchen and got a sippy with water. The imp refused to put the sippy in her mouth.

"Maybe she is hungry"

So the biscuit came to the bedroom and was also declined ever so regally by the turn of a head

More restless whining

"Sophia, do you want booba?"

"bbbaa baa bbaaaa"

"Ok, some here"

I lay down and put her belly down on top of me. She went back to sleep. it was 5.45. And my alarm rang.

I didnt want to dislodge Sophia, so husband switched my alarm off.

"i need to get up", I mumbled, "Giive me my phone to set the alarm at 6.15"

"I'll set it on my phone", said husband

I dont know if the alarm rang. When I woke up in the morning, it was 7pm, and as a result, we were late for the bus. It was almost leaving when Anjali and I raced to the busstop

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