Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At the nature park

Since husband's office moved to expo, we havent had much time for weekday outings to bukit batok park. Yesterday, he was back early, and we were able to make the trip. There were several highlights

Sophia walked!! She wanked from one intersection to another, I think a good half a kilometer. She stopped every ten meters to pick up a leaf or stick, to examine roots etc and it took us 45 minutes to get from home to the nature park.

At the nature park, I made use of the opportunity to give the girls their dinner. Sophia ate a handful of mini idlis and then wanted to explore. Husband picked her up and put her in the sand


She began to cry

Ok... We took her up. She continued to cry.

"Whats the problem", I asked, one arm around Sophia, the other holding idlis which Anjali was gobbling.

"jooa jooa", making desperate attempts to get down.

We put her down, She began to cry.

"jooa jooa otha botha"

Standing at the edge of the sand pit.

After about three minutes we realized what she wanted. She wanted to goo to the playground (jooa jooa) without going on the sand (i think its otha botha, but cant be sure)

So husband put her on the slide, which she enjoyed.

There was sand at the bottom of the slide, and we didnt like that at all. So husband cleaned up the sand at the bottom of the slide, so that imp could slide to her heart's content.

Anjali ran to Sophia

"Sophia, its only sand - see!!", and flung sand by the scoopfuls at Sophia's feet

And then we had to explain to Anjali that she shouldnt fling sand at Sophia, what if it went to the eyes? And that when she was Sophia's age, she too was frightened by sand.

Then Sophia climbed on to my hip

"no no otha botha"

"Ok, you are not going into the sand"

"no no otha botha"

That Anjali was in the otha botha bothered Sophia very much. So we had to request Anjali to get away from the otha botha.

then Sophia was fine. The kids came home, took a nice long community bath, read thhiee books and went to bed

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