Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At canossian

yesterday, I went with Anjali to her school. She seemed to be doing fine, so i slipped off for a few minutes, under the pretext of drinking water.

I stayed outside the classroom and worked on my crochet project.

Then, when the kids went out to the washroom before snack, Anjali saw me and decided that I should accompany her. I went with her until the washroom and then slipped away. When she began to cry where I was unavailable, Ms Mary (who raconted to me later) told her that i had gone to the big people's washroom.

So Anjali happily managed snack time and indoor time, while I hid behind the wall crocheting. Later, it was time for the parent-child craft project, which involved gluing and card making. I joined Anjali on the project up till the end of the day's class.

After craft time was quiet time, the kids were asked to close their eyes and sit.

Anjali leaned against me, giving me an upside down look.

"I missed you"

"I missed you too", i said. quite undone.

"Have you went to the big people's toilet?"


"Can i come with you next time?"

"Ok" (now, where is the big people toilet in this school? Do they even have one?)

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