Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bullet post

Sophia is trying hard to eat her toes. The next time she does it I'll put up a post.

We are doing day seven of divisions. I need to start operations with cero with her soon.

despite the documentation

Despite having a blog, I reflect back and see that my children's babyhood is slipping away. When did Anjali stop speaking single syllables and start speaking long sentences and multiple sentences? Even then, when did she start to understand everything that we told her, in multiple languages? I know it was sometime around when she began to walk. But the change has been so gradual, that I look now at the clear communicator, the imaginative thinker, who was, less than an year ago, speaking only two words - amma and apa

Monday, April 27, 2009

Its way too hot

Its still the end of April and the weather is already way too hot. Both Sophia and Anjali run around the house (in the case of the older one, the younger one bottom jumps).;

Husband had a brilliant idea to use the bottom cloth as a rest for her head while she flip flops around the concrete. I didnt object, for a multifold of reasons

1. it was way too hot for me to be bothered
2. She looked too cute
3. She was enjoying herself
4. She wont have stayed on the mat for too long anyway.

Sophia, when she cries, can always be bribed by one of the following

1. Booba
2. Conversation
3. Walks
4. Maths (recite multiplication equations and division numbers to her at random and you have gotten her won over for life)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

where can I find the very hungry caterpiller?

All the copis in the library have been borrowed out and Anjali asked specifically for it when I told her I am going to the library.

I got a very busy spider, but something tells me that she is going to ask for the caterpillar.

Should I buy a copy? Only that its freakishly expensive. (Besides there is a potty training version for 30 dollars. Dont ask me whats inside xP)

Anjali's lesson time

Anjali identified the lower case a. I am so proud!!

Today we did some rhying cards

can, pan, man


cat, hat, rat, bat

The lesson went something like this.

Anjali, the man is thirsty, give him a can of juice to drink.
The man is hungry. Give him dosa from a pan

As we progressed, one of the statements was

Anjali, the bat wants to eat the rat. Can you put the rat near the bat?

"No No"

Ok. Lets try again. The bat wants to be friends with the rat. Can you put them together?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sophia's vaccination

Sophia at 3 months weighs 5.65 kilos, and 59 cm. We gave her vaccination on Tuesday. I went with her to the doctor. It was her prime naptime, and she was making all the nap signals. However, I succeded in keeping her awake until the needle went in.

Then we went straight to the nursing room.

Five minutes later, when we went to see the doctor, she was ready to share all her stories. Incidentally, the doctor was something like eight months up the pole and let Sophia kick her belly a couple of times.

She got fussy again in the taxi, but when we got down, I curled her to my chest and she went right to sleep.

At night we had a nice little concert. Husband had to take Anjali down so that i could concentrate on comforting Sophia. She went to sleep around 8.30 and then when Anjali came back, i gave her some noodles and cheese. Later, at 9.30, Sophia woke up again and began to cry.

There was nothing for it, we had to give her a dose of panadol before she went back to sleep. Yesterday I gave her another dose in the afternoon. I guess she must have been feeling uncomfortable.

She still sleeps through the night, but has taken to waking up for a feed at 3am. I attribute it to the heat

Anjali at fidgets

It was way too hot to do anything outdoors on Sunday, and way to hot to stay at home, so we took Anjali to Fidgets. Its the new and supposedly largest indoor playgym in Singapore. Fun, and so much better than go go Bambini (which was like a kids' nightclub). The area was spacious, in clear view of the cafe, the cafe well lit, the kids could run to and from the cafe and they even have a couple of babies area where Sophia dabbled in for a while.

Anjali totally enjoyed herself. The way she goes through the obstackes, husband thinks that she ought to be in the army


Monday, April 20, 2009

logically sound

Anjali has started two new language milestones. The first one is

"What is this?"

This is when she points to stuff around her to know them. Even if she knows these things, she still asks me what they are.

Like apples for instance

The second one is Because

If I ask her why, then she says


"Because what?"

Then a lot of wild things follow

Such as

"Because a man is coming"

"Because Soia Baby crying" (why should I give Sophia to daddy?)

Or when she doesnt want to do something, it is simply

"Because No"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some milestones

We have washed two bedsheets in two days. Sophia bottom jumps so fast in the bed that it is impossible for us to shift her bottom cloth fast enough, and anyway, ninety percent of the time, she ends up wetting her head cloth. Wonder why we bother with cloths anymore. personally, I am just waiting till she rolls over.

Anjali is distinguishing between letters and numbers. She sees the number guide on her piano book toy and says 1,2,3,4. When we went to the library, she saw the stickers they gave her with her name on and said "Anniya baby sticker, A B C D E Va Gheee". Now, that is a positive approach to reading.

(Va is F)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anjali things that it is cool to pick hair from the floor (mostly mine, as I am going through the post pregnancy hair shedding period) and give it to me saying

"Mummy, Mudi."

I usually take it from her, and then toss it into the dustbin or something.

Last evening, i was busy with Sophia and couldnt take her offered mudi.

"Give it to daddy and ask daddy to give me Anjali!"

"No No, mummy!"

"Ok fine, come and give to me"

She traipsed across the bed to me and gave me two hairs.

"Adi, can you help me throw these into the bin?"

"No No!" and she burst into tears.

then it dawned on me that she was giving me a present and was feeling hurt that I threw it away. I put Sophia down, took Anjali in my arms, and tried to explain to her that hair, when it is on the floor is bleh bleh and has to be thrown away.

"Can you give me another present", I asked, looking desperately around the room for inspiration. "How about a diaper?"

"No no, mudi."

Then I tried explaining to her all over again.

"Anjali, there is a lot of mudi on the floor", said husband. Just pick one and give mummy.

That cheered her up.

when pencils dont draw

Anjali has figured out that if something doesnt work, the battery is spoilt.

"Batteiy kettapoochu", she would say, morosely, before punching the buttons a couple more times and turning to other things.

Now, it has become the observation of prime importance. When her mickey mouse toy got wet in the bath and didnt squeeze, she walked around saying "Batteiy kettapoochu" and wouldnt take our explanations to the contrary.

When the grinch told the little girl that the tree was broken, the batteiy was kettapochu.

But the best part was when her color pencil didnt draw well, and she immediately came up with the reason

"Batteiy kettapochu!"

Sophia is bottom jumping!!

She did something like 3 meters on the bed, in under three minutes. Husband took a video, but I refused to put it on the blog as I have a policy (rather loose, but a policy nevertheless) about putting pictures of naked babies in the blog.

I am doing Doman cards with Sophia. I have all the information about testing, but I couldnt resist.

"Sophia", I said, holding up the cards with 47 dots and 49 dots. "Is this 47, or is this 47?"

She looked at the correct one.

We did it three times, and then I stopped.

We tried again in the evening. After two tried I called husband.

Now husband doesnt believe in Doman. Says that there is no point is distinguishing between 98 and 99, and when I thought I made a mistake with 71, I spent an hour counting the cards to make sure they were right.

"And you want your daughter to recognize that?" He exclaimed! "Kithu, dont be ridiculous."

"Look", I countered. "How long have you been trying to learn Tamil?"

"Seven years?"

"Well, Anjali has only 2 years to her credit and she already knows more Tamil than you do."

That shut him up.

When i showed Sophia looking at the correct card between 49 and 50, He said,


Not really, its just Science

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anjali's responses and Sophia's growth

I am plahying the I spy game with Anjali. TO add a punch to it, I took something out of a montessori book. So the I spy game goes something like:

Mummy is wearing something on her finger that begins with an r (ring)
Or Eye spy something on Anjali's forehead that begins witha p (pottu)

Usually she gets the answers because of the clue, not because of the spelling, and it would take several tries before she makes the connection. but sometimes I get some really cute answers. Example:

(In the car today)

Mummy: I spy something that is green and begins with a t (tree)
Anjali: Leaf!!

Mummy: I spy something that is blue and begins with a c (car)
Anjali: Taxi!! (For the record, it was a taxi.)

Husband says that she is very specific and I must rephrase my clues properly.


Mummy: I spy something that is tall and blue and begins with a b
Anjali: Huge bulldozer!

Sophia has started to lift her legs and hold her feet. She's turning out to be quite a gymnast. She was smiling at everything the guests at the brunch told her.

Things that happened on Anjali's birthday: Wishes from Patel uncle

Singapore Saturday 4th April 2009

Dear Anjali

Happy birthday to you, we are all very happy for more than one reason, do you know, you are born on the day when exactly 100 years back Sri Aurobindo arrived in Pondicherry.

In the Ashram there is a big celebrations , inaugurates to day also in India and other places this celebration will continue to be spread out through out one year.

So is it not the joyous day when the Mother planned out for you to be born on 4th April.

One more personal joy for us is that our great grand daughter SAHANA, the daughter of Jasmine and Samir who was born on Deepavali day last year has been staying in her maternal grand mother's house.

Today she will be moving to her parent's house at 5 Sri Aurobindo Street, she will be wearing a dress made from the Saree the Mother had worn.

I am also thinking that those who have two daughters are great: May be the Obama family, or George Bush family or Ashok -Bhakti family or Curic family !

Now let us all join and wish you a very happy birthday and we shall read a prayer the Mother had written on 4th April in 1914:

April 4, 1914

O Lord, my adoration rises ardently to Thee, all my being is an aspiration, a flame consecrated to Thee.

Lord, Lord, my sweet Master, it is Thou who livest and willest in me!

This body is Thy instrument; this will is Thy servant; this intelligence is Thy tool; and the whole being is only Thyself.


Grandpa Uncle Patel

Anjali's brithday celebrations

Anjali had three birthday celebrations: one in school on Friday, a simple one on Saturday with family, and a cake cutting ceremony on Sunday at the brunch. That will be enough for conversation for a few days!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some generally cute stuff

Anjali has finally relinquished her stroller to Sophia. Her newest tactic, to push / pull etc the stroller, its a lot more fun see. However, the problem is that it takes something like one hour to get through a fifteen minute walk, as Anjali wants to push and steer by herself.

This is Anjali entertaining Sophia

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anjali goes to school

Pictures first. Story later. Its a long and an adventurous one, and I want to do it justice

Today was day 2. I stayed in the schoolroom for half an our, went out for 45 minutes and then went back for another hour. Anjali apparently cried all of 45 minutes, with the exception of a bit when the kids were dancing.

However, when I got in, there was not a single tear, nor was her nose running, she immediately smiled and said brightly, "Mummy caie Anniya baby". there was no sniffling either.

Yesterday, there was some sniffling.