Thursday, May 14, 2009


The most important update: As of last Friday, Anjali is toilet trained. Her diapers are clean, she gives a "pipi vayuthu" warning and runs to the bathroom. When we are outside, she gives the warning, and waits for us to take her to the washroom. The diaper is just a security underwear for now.

These days, she has two favorite questions "what is this?" and "----- enge?"

"Lets go on the travellator"

"travellator enge" (for the next five minutes)

"Anjali, dont go near the stove, its hot"

"near the stove"

"Its hot. I have given you fair warning"

"Fair warning enge??"

After I explained to her what fair warning meant, she was somewhat satisfied.

But a few days later, i was making noodles for her on the stove.

"Mummy, Anniya baby sit up"

"Ok. wait a minute"

"no sit near stove."


"Because.. fair warning!!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anjali's imagination

We are always astounded by Anjali's imagination. Yesterday, we were reading Good Night moon. This is the first time Anjali is reading the book. While we reached the bit about the three bears sitting on chairs, she said

"mum mum?"

"What mum mum?"

"for the bears"

"What will they eat?"

"Idli mum mum"

"Ok.. after eating mum mum, where will they go?"


"Then who will come?"

"Santa Claus"

"What will Santa do?"

"Aie Aie" (Anjali had just finished her business before that)


"Potty le"


"Because Santa Claus cant go in the toilet".


Later at night, I wondered if I could get her to repeat the story for husband. So after Sophia slept, I began with her again.

"Anjali, what were the bears doing on the chair?"

"Goldilocks came"

"What did Goldilocks do?"

"Sit down, mummy chair baby chair"

"Then what happened?"

"Broke it chair."

"What did Goldilocks do when the chair broke?"

"uhu uhu" (That is Anjali's crying)


"Because Broke it chair cant sit anymore."

"Then what happened?"

"Bears came back"

"Did they find Goldilocks?"



"Bathroom le"

"What was Goldilocks doing in the bathroom?"

"Pi Pi"

"In the potty or in the toilet?"

"In the toilet"

"Then what happened?"

"Scared of Goldilocks"

"Who was scared of Golidlocks?"


"So what did they do?"

"Play with Goldilocks."

She also has a fantastic memory. I got her a Clifford book from the library. She sees it and then says

"Mummy, no no this book. Other Clifford book"

"What other Clifford book?"

"Soft Clifford book."

Then it dawned on me that two months ago, I got a touch and feel Clifford book for her from the library. I didnt know that she was interested in it. She only read it a couple of times. But she still remembers it very well.

Sophia's bottom jumping

its getting quite ridiculous. She goes the vicinity, from the altar room to the computer area and then to the dining table. When I try to put a dress on her, she bottom jumps once for each sleeve, and does 25 minutes at a stretch before getting tired and wanting to be picked up.

We are currently at 85 with the dot cards. I think I should move on to more complicated equations. We are also doing books.. Usually I pick a book at do it about three to four times continuously with her before moving to a new book. Sophia loves books.

These days, she is showing a preference to sleeping early... anywhere between 7.30 to 8.30. If we are outside, the only thing that calms her is me putting her in the carrier facing inward and walking her around, after which she would eventually sleep. If we are at home, it boils down to cuddling up with me at the bed until she sleeps properly. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bullet post

Sophia is trying hard to eat her toes. The next time she does it I'll put up a post.

We are doing day seven of divisions. I need to start operations with cero with her soon.

despite the documentation

Despite having a blog, I reflect back and see that my children's babyhood is slipping away. When did Anjali stop speaking single syllables and start speaking long sentences and multiple sentences? Even then, when did she start to understand everything that we told her, in multiple languages? I know it was sometime around when she began to walk. But the change has been so gradual, that I look now at the clear communicator, the imaginative thinker, who was, less than an year ago, speaking only two words - amma and apa

Monday, April 27, 2009

Its way too hot

Its still the end of April and the weather is already way too hot. Both Sophia and Anjali run around the house (in the case of the older one, the younger one bottom jumps).;

Husband had a brilliant idea to use the bottom cloth as a rest for her head while she flip flops around the concrete. I didnt object, for a multifold of reasons

1. it was way too hot for me to be bothered
2. She looked too cute
3. She was enjoying herself
4. She wont have stayed on the mat for too long anyway.

Sophia, when she cries, can always be bribed by one of the following

1. Booba
2. Conversation
3. Walks
4. Maths (recite multiplication equations and division numbers to her at random and you have gotten her won over for life)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

where can I find the very hungry caterpiller?

All the copis in the library have been borrowed out and Anjali asked specifically for it when I told her I am going to the library.

I got a very busy spider, but something tells me that she is going to ask for the caterpillar.

Should I buy a copy? Only that its freakishly expensive. (Besides there is a potty training version for 30 dollars. Dont ask me whats inside xP)

Anjali's lesson time

Anjali identified the lower case a. I am so proud!!

Today we did some rhying cards

can, pan, man


cat, hat, rat, bat

The lesson went something like this.

Anjali, the man is thirsty, give him a can of juice to drink.
The man is hungry. Give him dosa from a pan

As we progressed, one of the statements was

Anjali, the bat wants to eat the rat. Can you put the rat near the bat?

"No No"

Ok. Lets try again. The bat wants to be friends with the rat. Can you put them together?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sophia's vaccination

Sophia at 3 months weighs 5.65 kilos, and 59 cm. We gave her vaccination on Tuesday. I went with her to the doctor. It was her prime naptime, and she was making all the nap signals. However, I succeded in keeping her awake until the needle went in.

Then we went straight to the nursing room.

Five minutes later, when we went to see the doctor, she was ready to share all her stories. Incidentally, the doctor was something like eight months up the pole and let Sophia kick her belly a couple of times.

She got fussy again in the taxi, but when we got down, I curled her to my chest and she went right to sleep.

At night we had a nice little concert. Husband had to take Anjali down so that i could concentrate on comforting Sophia. She went to sleep around 8.30 and then when Anjali came back, i gave her some noodles and cheese. Later, at 9.30, Sophia woke up again and began to cry.

There was nothing for it, we had to give her a dose of panadol before she went back to sleep. Yesterday I gave her another dose in the afternoon. I guess she must have been feeling uncomfortable.

She still sleeps through the night, but has taken to waking up for a feed at 3am. I attribute it to the heat

Anjali at fidgets

It was way too hot to do anything outdoors on Sunday, and way to hot to stay at home, so we took Anjali to Fidgets. Its the new and supposedly largest indoor playgym in Singapore. Fun, and so much better than go go Bambini (which was like a kids' nightclub). The area was spacious, in clear view of the cafe, the cafe well lit, the kids could run to and from the cafe and they even have a couple of babies area where Sophia dabbled in for a while.

Anjali totally enjoyed herself. The way she goes through the obstackes, husband thinks that she ought to be in the army


Monday, April 20, 2009

logically sound

Anjali has started two new language milestones. The first one is

"What is this?"

This is when she points to stuff around her to know them. Even if she knows these things, she still asks me what they are.

Like apples for instance

The second one is Because

If I ask her why, then she says


"Because what?"

Then a lot of wild things follow

Such as

"Because a man is coming"

"Because Soia Baby crying" (why should I give Sophia to daddy?)

Or when she doesnt want to do something, it is simply

"Because No"