Monday, March 30, 2009

Sophia's expectations

 As Sophia grows up, her character becomes more evident. What does Sophia like? The answer is entertainment.

She can entertain herself very well, and more than that, she has an amazing attention span. Husband says that she can keep at one activity for as long as five minutes, and when someone talks to her, she can go on for an hour.

Last weekend, husband was telling me a story of a game he was playing. Halfway through the story, I had fallen asleep. However, Sophia was still awake through the whole story, and it was only when husband finished the story (I think it took over an hour) that she turned to me and fell asleep.

What else does she like? Let me see..

1. Dancing. It calms her down almost everytime when she is marginally fussy, putting her on a mat and dancing around her.

2. Reading. I was reading to her in the library, in the garden and basically everywhere I go out with her, I bring along a kids' book. She can go through the whole ofa small book. Favorites... Mr brown can moo, The cat in the hat, how the grinch stole christmas, the three little pigs etc etc

3. Going for a walk. Its husband's way of calmingSophia,a nd seh has come to expect that of husband when ever he comes home from work.

And how is she developing?

1. She has started to suck her hands. She sucks her knuckles, just like Anjali

2. She has begun to move actively At night especially, when she makes a 90 degree rotation so that she can put her head closer to me.

3. Her grasping skills are very good, when coming to contact with an object, she has begun to open her hands around the object and then clasp the object. Her favorite toy is my bangle.

4. She tries hard to get the bangle into her mouth, but she is still not able to do that bit of coordination. So she ends up getting frustrated and cries

The emerging creative thinker

The emerging creative thinker went to sleep just two minutes ago. its 1.30am. So why do I call her the creative thinker?

There is a parallel to everything she does. If she plays in the mud, it is pig madhiri. If she tries on hairclips and rings in the shop, its mummy madhiri. if her father builds her a doll slide, the dolls climbing up are doing it anniya madhiri.

The best dolls - says Adi - are those that cultivate her imagination. Now, everything that Anjali does has to have a real life parallel. She spent one hour painting flowers on the wall, and another hour giving all her animals playdough food.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anjali's new mantra

Mummy caie Anniya Baby

Anjali does not like it when Sophia plays with some of her favorite toys, and takes them away.

COuple of days ago I was making a book for Sophia, and the table had glue and stuff on it. Anjali wanted to glue stuff on Sophia's book, and I said no, its Sophia's book.

Anjali's book.

No. Its Sophia's book. I'll give you your own book to glue stuff in.

This book.

No. You cant glue stuff on Sophia's book. Do you like Sophia to read your books?

(Shake head)

Then, why do you want to read Sophia's book?

Little bit Anjali's.

No No.

Share Share!

Ah. Now you want to share.


Sophia is really growing to be one of the most beautiful babies that I have ever seen. Two little dimples, a pair of eyes with a lot of depth and intelligence, an excellent smile that lights up her wole face when she sees you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Anjali's baby

Anjali's baby came out of her thoppai. Its sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl. and she goes around giving it booba. Different dolls take the baby place on different days.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anjali and Sophia play together

Anjali's Answers: Sibling Rivalry part dont know what , lost count etc

Anjali says:

Mummy Pom Pom! Caie Anniya baby!

Pom Pom will run away. Dont worry.

Mummy, caie anniya baby.

Pom Pom will want stuff. Shall we give Anjali to Pom Pom?

No No


No No


No No

Sophia baby?




Sophia is crying and you want to give her to pom pom?


What about when Anjali cries? Shall we give Anjali to the Pom Pom?

No No. Mummy caie Anniya baby.


Later, Sophia is crying for Booba

Soia Baby cying, Pom Pom.

What about you Anjali?

Mummy caie Anniya baby

Similar expression

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sophia can turn on her belly, Anjali has a growing repertoire etc

If she is placed on the 20 degree ramp at gymboree. Of course it is not technically a turn on the belly, but its a milestone all the same.


Can Recognize mom and dad

Expects entertainment

Likes to feel mom next to her on the bed while she plays

Likes dad to carry her out for an evening walk

Likes to do her numbers

Loves to dance when mom's dancing

Recognizes sequences and songs with actions, gets upset if I dont touch her noe while singing little peter rabbit

Loves an oil massage, especially getting massaged in the belly and the back

Love to chat and smile (she has dimples on both cheeks)

We took Anjali and Sophia to the nature park yesterday night. it was a beautiful night, and the lights were off at parts of the park so that in some places it was pitch dark. We could see the orion perfectly in the sky.

Anjali played in the sand while Sophia looked all around her with avid interest. I spent some time unwindong by lying down on the grass and looking at the stars, while Anjali made annu soup which she planned to give to thattha.

In the meantime, Anjali has a big repertoire of words:

Yesterday, she was doing some stuff and kept saying "cookily cookily"

What is cookily? Asked Patti.

Quickly. I said.

Anjali's favorite song:

O Patti, O suvetty, nee endrum booty looooty adi

We even dance to it.

She has gotten a measure of numbers: many, a lot of, everywhere. Examples include

Many toys

A lot of stuff

Many apa

Cable cars everywhere

Water Water everywhere (she said this herself, but it makes one wonder)



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Swati, is it ok if she kisses the toilet seat?

Anjali yesterday was banging the toilet seat when I was taking a bath. Then she bent down to kiss it.

Why are you kissing it?