Thursday, December 17, 2009

who walks like a torpedo

Sophia began to really walk last Sunday (when Sudha aunty had come for tea). But yesterday, she has been cruising very nicely indeed. A good 2 to three meters, ten steps.  The cool thing is that she can do turns and everything, and get her balance when the drops. Anjali, when she walked walked before she was able to stand by herself. So if she dropped down, she would have to crawl to the nearest something to get her support. Sophia, on the other hand is able to deal with this better as she has hand nearly a month of experience in standing.

Yesterday. we got a new air condition system. As a result, the house was a bit of a mess when we got back from Patti's house. As husband and I were clearning the cupboards and putting things back in their places, began to wade in and out of the mess. Great, she can do obstacle courses too.

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