Friday, December 4, 2009

what we have been doing in the library

Yesterday was library day again, and we picked up, at the library a copy of Maisy goes to the library. In it, there was a story of the old woman that ate a fly, and so a companion to it, we read The Old woman that ate a trout. it was quite fun.

Jurong Library has put up a set of little tikes picnic benches at the front of the stage, and the kids had a very good time jumping from one to the other (pretending river and crocodiles) and, in Sophia's case, climbing up the stool and then the bench. Sophia is becoming quite a climber. i wonder if I should get the stairs cleaned and get her to climb them. We never did that jack and jill activity.

For my part, i found a beautiful book with fun toys to make for the kids, inspired by Steiner Wardlorf. This morning, I began to make a horse.

Yesterday, husband and I set up a cable car for Anjali to ferry her toys (it involved a cut up milk carton and a piece of yarn tied from a chair to the balcony grill). Anjali was not very amused by the cable car, but she was amused by the gruffalo mask. So much so that I downloaded the recipe for gruffalo crumble. Should try it during the weekend.

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