Tuesday, December 1, 2009

three new steps

Sophia took three independent steps yesterday. This is how it happened.

I was eating dosas and Sophia was holding a piece in her hand. I moved backward, she toddled forward two steps before losing her balance.

Husband and I have finally agreed on something. With Sophia, development is like a getle stream, gradual. There are no sudden milestones, atleast there have not been any so far. Shen she creeped, she was makign gradual improvements, the same with crawling, and standing and now, walking. She babbles from morning to night, so much that we will not be surprised at all when she finally begins to talk. Infact, she is already making sounds that could pass for words.

On Saturday, in the zoo, the zoo keeper gave a banana to the slow loris. The slow loris was not very interested. But our baby was.

She made desperate attenpts from the carrier to get the elusive fruit.

And when she couldnt, and just in case we werent clear, and were holding her from the banana because we couldnt understand, and not just because we were spiteful and enjoyed seeing her suffer for a banana, she exclaimed

"banananana! banananana!!!"

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