Tuesday, December 1, 2009

politeness, wariness and the like

Yesterday Jessica had brought a stroller to the playground. It was nice and pink, and Jessica had a little mickey mouse that she put in the stroller.

I was on the other side of the playground, walking with our new walker

Anjali came running to me.

"Mummy, I want a baby stroller like that, to put my baby in. Can you buy me one?"

(Like we dont have enough stuff in the house - could I make a baby stroller with a couple of toilet rolls and a cereal box?? Thats an idea)


Jessica wheeled around the stroller and Anjali decided to play with it.

"No!" exclaimed Jessica "Its mine"

"Its mine!", exclaimes our budding socializer

Some words were exchanged, and some blows (I chose not to interfere and let them handle their woes), after which Anjali took the stroller and walked away.

Jessica began to cry

Anjali stopped three meters away. The conflict was obvious in her face

Jessica began to cry even louder

Anjali took the pram back to Jessica, stopping a few feet away

"Can I play with it for two minutes??"

(Anjali has gotten the idea that two minutes is an acceptable time. I always ask her for two minutes when doing any work)

Jessica shook her head. Anjali let the stroller go and played with me

Jessica took the stroller, parked it next to where her mother was chatting with a group of people and went away to play.

Anjali marched to Jessica's mother

"Can I play with the stroller for two minutes?"


Anjali grabs the stroller handle. Jessica suddenly materializes and begins to cry. Jessica's mother carries her and tries to explain to her that Anjali can take the pram for one round. Anjali takes the pram, and goes one round.

Sneha sees the situation, runs after Anjali and says

"Anjali, can you give the pram to Jessica, I will give you my bubbles to play with"

"Ok", says Anjali, quite amicably, and spends a good bit of time blowing bubbles


Sapna's mother wants to carry Sophia, Sophia does not want to go.

Sapna's mother: "Sophia, do you want to go walking with me?"

Sophia's spokesperson: "She will only walk with her daddy"


Sapna's mother: Anjali, your dress is very nice. Can you lend it to Sapna for one day??

Anjali: Ok.

Sapna's mother: Can you lend Sophia to Sapna for one day?

Anjali (Quite decidedly): No (Comes to kiss Sophia)

Sapna's mother: Why?

Anjali: I have lot of other dresses

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