Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A nice evening

Was particularly disgruntled yesterday evening after work. It had been a long difficult day with lots of unnecessary communications at work. Husband suggested, mostly to cheer me up, a trip to Orchard road. We had been meaning to go see the lights for the past several weeks but something kept coming up.

Well, the lights were very beautiful. More interesting to the kids was a water fountain in front of orchard MRT, where the water hopped. Anjali put, first, her hands and then her torso in front  of the jumping water. Sophia crawled around between the water jets, trying to catch them as they jumped from one hole to another.

We took refuge in Borders for dinner, and found some very interesting and ridiculously priced baby books - featuring Thomas in a pop up setting. And one with maisy making a cake that could be moved to make Charlie munch it. 

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