Thursday, December 17, 2009

More funny converations, sisters, Swati aunty's new baby and stuff

I took the kids to play, on Tuesday, in the rain.

Anjali wanted an umbrella, but we were already out.

"Mummy, I want an umbrella"

"Enjoy the rain"

"I want my yellow umbrella"

"Ok, if you want it, let's go and get it"

"I will swing in the joola joola, you go and get it"

I looked around. The playground was empty. But no way was I going to leave her alone in the playground.

"Anjalai, I cant leave you in the playgound"

"I am a big girl, I can take care of myself!!"

whatever :P

"Anjali, I am not leaving you alone in the playground and going up. Its too dangerous"

"Our home is just here" (indicating with a wave of her hand)
Anjali sometimes likes to pretend that she is the mummy and I am the baby

So she toilet trains me

"You must squeeze your pee pee place when you want to pee"


This morning, we were reading Maisy Big Maisy small

Anjali: This is mummy Maisy and this is daddy Maisy

Me: Where is baby Maisy?

Anjali: In Mummy Maisy's thoppai

Me: Ok.

Anjali: When the mummy Maisy eats, the baby Maisy will also eat.

Me: How will the baby Maisy eat?

Anjali (Mimes putting food into her mouth): Like this...

Me: Where is the baby Maisy's mouth?

Anjali: here.

Me: Where? I cant see it.

Anjali: It is somewhere near the intestines

I decided that some biology lessons were in action.

Me: Anjali, babies in the thoppai dont eat with their mouths. They eat with their belly buttons

Anjali: Huh??

I pull out the human body book and flip to the pregnancy section

Me: See this tube, this is the tube in the mummy's uterus. See how it goes, not into the baby's mouth, but into the baby's belly button

Anjali indicates the picture of a pregnant woman doing yoga: Like this mummy?

Me: Yes. Like this mummy. See, her stomach is big.

Anjali: She is going to have a baby?

Me: Yes. thats why her stomach is big. When you next see Swati aunty, her stomach will be big also.

Anjali: Swati aunty is going to have another baby?

Me: Yes.

Anjali: Ananya will take care of that baby?

Me: Yes. Ananya will take care of that baby

At this point, Sophia, who had been dozing in the bed stirs. Anjali, who was half a foot nearer to Sophia than I was reacted almost the same time as me. She put her hands on Sophia's hair and rubbed her quite tenderly. Sophia went back to sleep.

Me (a bit emoted): Anjali, do you want to eat something or drink something?

Anjali: I want to ead this baby story book, and eat something or dink something

Me: What do you want?

Anjali: I want some Milo.

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